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Licensing Department

We pride our licensing department on maintaining over 60 licensed foster parents and consistent recruitment opportunities. Your licensing consultant is responsible for monitoring and ensuring your foster home license remains in compliance with North Carolina Licensing standards and guidelines; in addition to training, advocating, and supporting foster parents through reporting a variety of licensure actions and life changing events.

Becoming a licensed foster parent with the state of North Carolina is a rewarding journey; however, it is a privilege to provide care for foster children not a right. Becoming a licensed foster parent is a commitment that requires diligent effort and dedication. You will bear the responsibility of meeting the needs of children who have experienced trauma at some point in their lives.



Becoming a licensed foster parent requires dedication, commitment and patience. There are a few things to consider prior to starting the process of becoming a licensed foster home.

Stable income

Stable environment

21 years of age or older

Cleared background check

Credible references


The process of becoming a licensing foster parent is delicate and cannot be rushed, therefore you should expect the process to be between 3-6 months to complete. As an agency we ensure prospective foster parents are skilled in caring for traditional family foster and therapeutic foster children.

Prospective foster families are assigned a licensing consultant that will guide you through the process of pre-service training of TIPS- MAPP and Role of a Therapeutic Foster Parent and additional monthly training. Your licensing consultant will also assist you in assessing your own strengths and needs to ensure you have the ability to master the 12 skills of a foster parent.

The licensing department hosts Trauma Informed-Partnering for Safety and Permanence- Model Approach to Partnership in Parenting (TIPS- MAPP) and Role of a Therapeutic Foster Parent twice a year. Due to the COVID- 19 pandemic, we are currently operating on an abbreviated schedule.  For information for upcoming New Foster Parent Orientation, please visit our upcoming events.

Transfer Applicants

Firm Foundation, Inc. is always open to the possibilities of new foster families joining our team. Our licensing department goes above and beyond to ensure the transfer process is as smooth and informative as possible.


When considering transferring a foster home license to a new supervising agency, it is very important to ensure the transfer is a mutual benefit for the foster family as well as the new agency. The new agency should  have the ability to meet the needs of the foster family as well as the foster family being a good fit for the agency. Working in the child welfare system is similar to a puzzle; for the puzzle to be complete, the pieces need to work together in a partnership. Working in a partnership consists of working towards a common goal for the betterment of the child; which includes but not limited to, maintaining open communicating with legal guardian (DSS), supervising agency staff, medical and mental health providers, school representatives, Guardian Ad Litem, and shared parenting with biology families. Also when considering transferring a foster home license, it is best practice for the licensing department to consider the families' ability to maintain placements, manage behaviors, and maintain and meet documentation deadlines and training requirements.


If you are interested in transferring your foster home license, please contact the agency licensing department at 910-485-3332 to speak to a licensing consultant. 

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